[GeoNet] Earthquake report

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Wed Jun 20 00:24:21 AEST 2001


        The following earthquake has been recorded by the Institute

        Reference number:     1748572/G
        Universal Time:       2001 June 19  1150
        NZ Standard Time:     2001 June 19  11.50 p.m.
        Latitude, Longitude:  39.44°S  176.70°E
        Location:             20 km west of Napier
        Focal depth:          20 km
        Richter magnitude:    3.7

This earthquake will probably have been felt in the Napier

This information is of limited accuracy and provided on a "best endeavour"
basis from a sparse network of seismographs. The size of the earthquakes
greater than magnitude 7 will be underestimated. Damaging earthquakes may
disrupt the information centre and the delivery of these messages.

GNS accepts no liability for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, resulting
from the use of the information provided. GNS does not make any representation
in respect of the information's accuracy, completeness or fitness for any
particular purpose.

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